Literature and References

We have compiles a list of publications regarding JoBimText and its use cases, as well as theoretical literature on Distributional Semantics, Contextualization and Sense Induction.


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  • Journal Article: Biemann, C., Riedl, M. (2013): Text: Now in 2D! A Framework for  Lexical Expansion with Contextual Similarity. Journal of Language Modelling 1(1):55–95 (pdf)
  • Slides from the Two-Days Tutorial on Watson and the DeepQA Architecture, March 18/19, 2013, TU Darmstadt
  • “Beyond Jeopardy! – Adapting Watson to new domains using Distributional Semantics” – slides of Alfio Gliozzo’s talk at ICSI Berkeley, November 2012
  • “Text: Now in 2D — Lexical Expansion using Contextual Similarity” – slides of Chris Biemann’s talk at ETS Princeton, September 2012

Linguistics, Distributional Semantics, Structuralism

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Distributional Similarity

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Sense Induction

  • Biemann, C. (2010): Co-occurrence Cluster Features for Lexical Substitutions in Context. Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on TextGraphs in conjunction with ACL 2010, Uppsala, Sweden
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Machine Learning for Contextualization

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Additional Literature

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