You can find all the software precompiled on the Sourceforge project page. For a quick access, consult the Downloads page.

Manual Compilation

Code download

To download the code onto your machine, you can use SVN. Check out the following repositories:

svn checkout svn:// jobimtext

If you also need the GPL components like Stanford or MateTools Parser, check out the GPL project as well:

svn checkout svn:// jobimtext-gpl

You can also download zipped snapshots of the latest code by visiting the code repository  (ASL components or also GPL components) and selecting “Download Snapshot”. When you have unpacked the archives into one folder, you can proceed with the compilation.


If you plan to do changes or want to compile the project yourself, you can use the ant build script.

  1. Navigate into the org.jobimtext.examples.oss project folder
  2. Execute the ant script: ant dist.dependencies

This creates a jobimtext_pipeline_N.N.N folder with the compiled libraries, models, Pig and other scripts. The scripts are compiled from the script folders in the project folders.

Compiling the GPL project

If you want to compile the full JoBimText project, containing GPL licensed components, make sure to check out org.jobimtext.gpl from Sourceforge. It should be in the same workspace as the other JoBimText projects.

Then you can compile it using the dist.dependencies.gpl target:

  1. Navigate into the org.jobimtext.examples.oss project folder
  2. Execute the ant script with the GPL target: ant dist.dependencies.gpl

If you cannot put the org.jobimtext.gpl folder into the same parent folder as the other JoBimText components (e.g. by using SVN with different repository folders), you can change the path to the GPL components.

  1. Navigate into the org.jobimtext.examples.oss project folder
  2. Edit  build_common.xml
  3. Change the property gpl_repo_path to the correct location, e.g. by following instructions of the SVN checkout above, you will need to change it to:
    <property name="gpl_repo_path" location="../../jobimtext-gpl/" />

Compiling for a different/older version

JoBimText requires Java 1.7 in the current version. Other versions (e.g. 0.0.8) work with Java 1.6 and even Java 1.5.

By default, the Ant script will use the standard JDK for compilation.
If you need a specific Java version, you need to provide a java_version configuration parameter when running the compilation:

ant -Djava_version=7 dist.dependencies.gpl 

You can use the 1.N (1.7 or 1.8) or the N (7 or 8) notation. Note that there is no space between ‘-D‘ and ‘java_version‘.

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