Monthly Archives: November 2014

New Release: JoBimText Pipeline 0.0.8

We are happy to announce a new JoBimText version release! The most significant change is the ability to run JoBimText Holing Operations on Hadoop using UIMA pipelines. Here are the updates:

  • Holing Operations on Hadoop
    This release comes with fully working bigram and trigram holing operations. A GPL-licensed Stanford Dependency parser is being evaluated and the ASL-licensed MaltParser is being integrated for the next release.
  • DT generation pipeline for Hadoop reworked
    The new pipeline is more streamlined and offers different similarity scoring methods.
  • Bim DT (Feature DT) calculation possible out-of-the box
    The Bim DT can be used to reduce sparsity issues when working with JoBimText models.
  • Updates to the IThesaurus interface
    This involves missing methods, especially for access to the Bim DT and word-based resources like word clusters.
  • Updated demonstration components for easier introduction to the codebase

You can download the latest version of JoBimText from Sourceforge.