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Networks of Names

This is the companion website for the Master's Thesis “Networks of Names – Obtaining Lombardi's Narrative Structures by Combining Visual Analytics and Language Technology” by Artjom Kochtchi, submitted on September 27th 2013 at Darmstadt University of Technology, Department of Computer Science, Language Technology group, supervised by Prof. Dr. Chris Biemann and Dr. Tatiana von Landesberger.


Download thesis

Get the Thesis

The thesis contains information on the vision, concepts, research, algorithmic details, and evaluation of Networks of Names.

Download slides

See the Slides

Note that the presentation slides are not self-contained, but designed to support the talk.


For installation instructions, refer to the (indcluded in the distribution of the visual interactive system).

Download the visual interactive system

Visual Interactive System

The visual interactive system allows visual exploration of social networks obtained from natural language text.

Download preprocessor


The Networks of Names preprocessor implements named entity and relationship extraction from natural language text corpora, specifically the Leipzig Corpora Collection.

Download NER server

NER Server

The NER Server is a component of the preprocessor that wraps the Stanford NER and registers it as a local RMI service.


Try demo

The demo is currently offline.

Try Networks of Names

Try the visual interactive system with data from 70 million German newspapers sentences between 1995 and 2010.