Networks of Names

Left click on empty space and drag to pan.
Left click on nodes and drag to move nodes around.
Left click on edges to open sources.
Right click on nodes, edges and tags to open a context menu.
Edge labels can be created by user or automatically by the system. Use "Confirm label" and "Remove label" to validate automatic labels or mark them as incorrect.
Target distance [pixels] between linked nodes (constant or as a function of links).
Link rigidity [0.0 to 1.0] (constant or as a function of links).
Factor [0.0 to 1.0], by which node velocity is scaled after each tick (constant).
Change of nodes, where negative values mean repulsion (constant or as a function of nodes).
Barnes-Hut approximation criterion [0.0 to 1.0?] (constant).
Node tendency to be layouted towards the center [0.0 to 1.0] (constant). Is set to 0 after initial layout.

Values can be given as functions in CoffeeScript where applicable. Properties defined by nodes and links can be used within the function.

Nodes define id, name, type, freq and numHidden.

Links define id, source, target, freq, significance.

A function that defines linkStrength in terms of the links's significance, could be given as follows:

(l) -> Math.min(0, l.significance)

A more complete documentation of parameters can be found in the Force Layout documentation of the D3 Wiki.